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We offer a modern alternative to traditional cleaning services.
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Our Goal

We offer a modern alternative to traditional cleaning services. Thanks to our online platform, household cleaning is now affordable and available to everybody.

We connect customers with reliable employed cleaners. We are reducing illicit work in the industry and giving you more free time, thanks to the,

Cleaners at BOOK A TIGER!


Our Principles

  • Easy: You will find your trusted cleaner online or through our app. We strive to improve the booking system so that it fits your needs and is convenient to use.

  • Fair: Our price policy connects both sides. You, the customer, get a 100% legal and experienced cleaner for an affordable price. The cleaners get the chance to have a stable employment with a fair payment and social benefits. We provide a transparent cooperation for household services.

  • Professional: We take the time to get to know the cleaners, talk to them and by that find out if they are fully committed to the BOOK A TIGER Principles. Only cleaners that care as much as we do about your complete satisfaction are assigned to your your cleaning orders.


Our Company

BOOK A TIGER was founded in Berlin in April 2014. Since then, our team is continually growing and our service is becoming available in more and more German, Austrian, Dutch and Swiss cities. Our success is attributed to three factors: The trustworthy cleaners, our strong team and both the Delivery Hero founders: Nikita Fahrenholz and Claude Ritter.


About us

"And the strategy of BOOK A TIGER is working: Founded just last year, the start-up already employs over 50 staff members, has over 30,000 Facebook fans and regards itself as a strong competitor to similar providers in the cleaner intermediary market."

"Just like every start-up, most employees at BOOK A TIGER are around 30 years of age, who communicate quite casually with each other. Stefan liked this. 'I was treated like a real person from the beginning', he said."


Berlin, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland

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